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Construction consists of three major ingredients; Equipment, Labor and Material [ELM] which Construction professionals employ to build.  Construction comes together with Submittals, Change Orders, RFI’s, Job Costing and Construction Claims.  Like Dunkin Donuts the industry runs on them and like Dunkin Donuts if you are looking for information on Construction Submittals, Construction Change Orders, Construction RFI’s, Construction Job Costing or Construction Claims this is the stop. It is also the stop for Construction Classified ads. To prosper in this industry you need quality drawing and specifications, a realistic estimate, decent Project Management and a successful job costing system.  It is essential to have control over Construction submittals, Construction change orders and Construction Requests For Information [RFIs].  Every subcontractor and contractor needs absolute control over their labor.   With the exception of a bad estimate labor costs will be the major reason for the difference between profit and loss and this is where THE BOOK OF ELM, COMMON SENSE SUBCONTRACTING WITH ELM JOB COSTING comes into play.


Book Of Elm (Cover) by Ron Pestone


The goal of SCOREBOARD is to make the construction industry a safer, more profitable place to do business. SCOREBOARD is the place where CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS review and grade everyone in the construction industry; architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, journeymen, suppliers, administrative assistants or any of the other industry specialist; all are welcome.

The idea is to give credit where it is due and to let others know where to tread lightly. It is not a place for rants and raves but it is a place to state the facts about first hand experiences. It is a great place to look for recommendations by the pros who build our world. SCOREBOARD is about building a better industry.


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